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Facts vs Inferences

Module 7


In this module we will look at the difference between facts and inferences, and how confusing the two can lead to errors in evaluation and subsequently thoughts and actions which are not appropriate for the actual situation at hand.

“Irving Lee teaches his students that structurally and grammatically there is no difference between a factual and an inferential statement. But these differences can be noted:

           A FACTUAL STATEMENT                             AN INFERENTIAL STATEMENT
           1.  Can be made after some observation              Can be made any time
           2.  Stays within what can be observed                 Goes beyond what can be observed              
           3.  Can be made in limited number                      Can be made in unlimited number
           4.  Provides closest approach to certainty            Shows some degree of probability”
                                                      --from C. Minteer, Words and What They Do To You, Lesson 7   
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