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Module 4

Notable Quotes
"We omit details when we talk. We have a complex universe but only a small vocabulary to describe it."    --Minteer, Words and What They Do To You, Lesson 5

"If the reader will try to give a 'complete' description or a 'perfect' definition of any actual physical object, so as to include 'all' particulars, he will be convinced that this task is humanly impossible. These would have to describe, not only the numerous rough, macroscopic characteristics, but also the microscopic details, the chemical composition and changes, sub-microscopic characteristics and the endlessly changing relationship of this objective something..."  --Korzybski, Science and Sanity, p. 68

"I am not claiming that a non-allness orientation is 'all that matters'; is 'the one and only'; or is 'the best solution' to our relationship problems. I am suggesting that 'we could get along better with each other, if we stopped throwing so much ASID [Allness Statements in Disguise] at each other."    
--Milton Dawes, "All In All, That's Not All",

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