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Maps and Words

Module 6

Active Exercises

1. "If we call it ‘collecting’ or ‘my hobby’ when we take spoons or towels or other souvenirs when we are traveling, does it change the fact that we are taking something that belongs to someone else?”

2. "Do you suppose that you have ever said, ‘I’m tired,’ or ‘I’m hungry,’ or ‘I have a pain,’ when what you really wanted was attention or someone to show interest in you? The test would be whether you forgot your pain or fatigue when something pleasant came along. Have you ever been ‘too tired’ for homework or dishes but not for a movie?”
(These exercises taken directly from Minteer, Words and What They Do To You, Lesson 4)

3. Consider President Bush's recent remarks regarding education, support for the troops, and building democracy. How do they compare to budgetary decisions regarding spending on education, veterans' benefits, and rebuilding Afghanistan?

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