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Why Do We Study General Semantics?

A Tool for Life

General semantics has been a useful discipline in helping people with:

 Personal relationships                             Critical thinking
Professional development                       Child raising
         Adjustment to change                             Communication
               Industrial management                            Problem solving
                        Decision making                                     Stress management
                                                                Conflict management                             
                                                               and more.....

General semantics...

               “ ...teaches us how symbols are related to experience so as to make it less likely that we take too seriously the absurd or dangerous nonsense that within every culture passes for philosophy, wisdom, and political argument.” -- Aldous Huxley

                “...helps us to understand ourselves better so that we can understand others better.”  --  Karen Groshek

       a bag of tools. When different situations arise you open the bag and take out the tool that will help you with a particular situation...”--  A member of a GS discussion group

               “ ...experience shows that when the methods of general semantics are applied, the results are usually beneficial, whether in law, medicine, business, etc., be they in family, national, or international fields. If they are not applied, but merely talked about, no results can be expected.”  --   Alfred Korzybski

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Of course, as you will soon find out, there is always more to be said...

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