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Module 8


Here we offer some links to General Semantics-related websites.  Like the bibliography, this list is very incomplete.  Interested learners are advised to check out the links page on each site for additional sites of interest.

Institute of General Semantics

The Dallas-Fort Worth Center for General Semantics

Another link to the DFWCGS site

DFWCGS Links page

International Society for General Semantics

Drive Yourself Sane
Drive Yourself Sane is also the title of an excellent primer on General Semantics by Susan and Bruce Kodish (also responsible for this website).  This site contains excerpts from the book, as well as other information and links.

New York Society for General Semantics

European Society for General Semantics

R.A.Wilson—Quantum Psychology (on E-Prime)
English Prime is a modified version of the English language which does not (or tries not to) use the verb “to be.”  While this may seem difficult and silly at first, having to find ways to express thoughts and ideas without the “is of identity” actually can lead to more accurate communication and evaluation.  Also recommended (on our bib page) on this subject is the book To Be or Not:  An E-Prime Anthology.