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Module 8

Bibliography/Further Readings

The following items were either used directly in the formulation of this tutorial, or else are strongly recommended for further reading.  Please note that this list is very incomplete; the various General Semantics-related Websites will have a number of additional books listed.

Korzybski, Alfred.  (1933/1st ed. 1995/5th ed.) Science and Sanity.  Brooklyn:  Institute of        General Semantics.

Korzybski, Alfred.  (1921/1st ed. 2001/latest ed.) Manhood of Humanity.  Brooklyn:  Institute of General Semantics.

Hayakawa, S.I.  (1939/1st ed. 1990/latest ed.) Language In Thought and Action.  San Diego, New York, London:  Harcourt.

Kodish, Susan Presby and Kodish, Bruce I.  (2001).  Drive Yourself Sane.  Pasadena:  Extensional Publishing.

Minteer, Catherine.  (c.1950)  Words and What They Do To You.   Available online only at .

Bourland, jr., D. David and Paul Dennithorne Johnston, eds. (1991).  To Be or Not:  An E-Prime Anthology.  San Francisco:  International Society for General Semantics.